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Welcome to CS Codex, Irelands Counter Strike Knowledgebase. The aim of this website is to completely document the history of competitive Counter Strike on the island of Ireland since its inception in 1999 until today. This includes events (online and offline), players, organisations as well as other influential parties in the space. We also aim to interview players at as much events as possible which we have been doing since the creation of the website in 2017, as well as general opinion pieces from time to time. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Featured article

Why the future of the Irish Counter Strike scene has great potential
Irish Counter Strike events used to look like this only a few years ago
Irish Counter Strike events used to look like this only a few years ago
Counter Strike as a game modification was released on 19th of June 1999 and the game itself was packaged and released by Valve Software on the 8th of November 2000. It took just over one year for Valve to realise the potential of this Half Life mod to package it as an official Valve product. Almost exactly 18 years later we have seen how large the game has grown around the world in terms of player numbers, professional scene, community involvement, etc. In all this time Counter Strike has yet to truly establish itself as a game with a large community in Ireland. This seems to be the exception rather than the rule in most European nations so I believe the potential is there for a great Counter Strike scene. After all, if we look at populations this island has more potential players than Denmark, a Counter Strike powerhouse. With than in mind I would like to briefly touch on the past of the CS scene in Ireland and give my opinions on why we should look forward to its future.
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Featured Interview

Krouching Tiger 2017-03-18 |  GamerCon 2017: Niall ‘Digs’ Diggins Interview by Patton of CS Codex

From this interview...

Ok, what are your thoughts on the event so far?

We haven’t seen it yet, we’ve been sitting out outside. It’s fairly shit.

Calvoo again – Nice here on Friday, class.

Who is your player to watch for the event?

My player to watch is probably … I’m gonna go with Lainny in Dead Element Gaming actually.

Calvoo – I’d say Doyle.

Doyle, I don’t know.

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The background noise actually played into a crucial round we won on cache that I think turned the tide of the game. They were screaming over Street Fighter or something and Ross was like “Rush B, Rush B” and we caught them off guard and took the round.

deKayy on eLe's innovate strats at Celtic Throwdown 2017