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GamerCon 2017: Niall ‘Digs’ Diggins Interview

This interview was audio recorded on the morning of the 18th of March prior to the tournament kicking off.

So we’re here with Digs, what team are you playing with?

LGBT I think.

Do you the rest of the guys on your team, Want to do a rundown of your roster.

I have no idea, I know Calvoo, I think there’s a guy called Erin, a guy called Ryan, Mark.

Throwing together a team at the last minute then. All right, who is your team to watch for the event then? Who are the boys who are gonna take it.

I think Nobodies will probably win, but I think the team to watch is Unity.

Think they’re gonna surprise?

Yea yea. Calvoo – Watching them, I think they’re very prepared.

Just coming together for the event? Nothing planned beyond it?

No, no no. Nothing.

Out of the retirement home for one last lan.

Yea, the old man is back.

Digs at GamerCon
Digs at GamerCon

Ok, what are your thoughts on the event so far?

We haven’t seen it yet, we’ve been sitting out outside. It’s fairly shit. Calvoo again – Nice here on Friday, class.

Who is your player to watch for the event?

My player to watch is probably … I’m gonna go with Lainny in Dead Element Gaming actually. Calvoo – I’d say Doyle. Doyle, I don’t know.

Lainny’s not on DEG is he? I think it might be Unity.

Whatever team Lainny’s on.

Any thoughts on likely roster swaps?

Yea, I reckon Alan and SkidZ will probably swap three players. They’re like the NIP core. They’ll probably try and get neekz and Ross and Doof.

Most likely to get VACced / Barred?

Most likely to get VACced is probably Alan again, most likely to get barred is Alan also I reckon. Pretty easy.

Any shoutouts, Your Twitter?

I have Twitter (laughing).

Editor’s Note: Dig’s Twitter is @nialldiggins

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