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What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to completely document the history of Irish Counter-Strike since the games creation in June of 1999. This includes but is not limited to online and LAN tournaments which have been played, players who have played in these events, other notable parties in the scene (For example tournament organisers, community figures, etc.). Websites in the Esports space are famous for lasting often for only a few years before shutting down forever, making it very difficult to ever retrieve the information they held again. We are determined to build a site which will last for as long as there is interest in this sort of information.

Why not just add Irish event/player pages to Liquipedia?

We wanted to create a website as per about but not restrict us to the limitations of websites like Liquipedia. Content such as interviews and opinion pieces are not built into that website and having direct control over the type of content on this site does not restrict us on creating that content here. In addition to this Liquipedia requires certain criteria for players which would not apply to most of the Irish players we want to create pages for here. One of the core goals of this site is to build pages for every Irish event played in Counter-Strike no matter the size, and eventually every player from said events.

Where did you get all this information from?

All information gathered in this website has been collected from publically available information online (For example: steam profiles, esl profiles, esea profiles, public facebook information) as well as from other sources such as trusted word of mouth where an online source may not be available. Pictures have been taken at events we have attended as well as those supplied by a third party (provided they meet our image guidelines). We will do our utmost to ensure that no private information is shown, however in such an event please do not hesitate to contact us to correct mistakes, or make a page edit yourself. We can be reached by email at: admin@cscodex.com.

How can I update information such as player data?

After registering an account, pages can be edited by clicking the edit button at the top of the page. Please conform to our page structure and style guidelines when doing so (Work in Progress). It is also important to source new data or it may be deleted. This can be done by linking the source as can be seen in the aformationed guidelines, or by verifying your account with a player page for example (Please read this page to learn how to associate an account).

Where do I specify a source when making edits?

When you have made your edit, please specify a source in the Summary field of the edit screen.

Why do I not see my edits on the website?

All edits made by regular users will need to be approved by our moderators to ensure the data is accurate. This is to ensure that edits our sourced correctly as well as to protect pages from trolls. Expect most edits to either be approved or rejected (with a reason specified) within 48 hours of the edit. This is our policy for now, however could be subject to change in the future.

I've created an account as I want to add to the site, but I am still not able to edit.

You may not have registered with and confirmed your email address. This can be done from the preferences button at the top right of the screen -> Email options.

How can I get my event covered by CS Codex?

Please get in contact with us if you would like us to cover your event. Our only restriction is that it is an event in the island of Ireland, or an event created for Irish teams online. We can be reached by email at: admin@cscodex.com.

Are any other features planned for the website?

Yes, we want to be constantly updating the site with new content and would welcome any suggestions to that end. Some planned features include completely documenting all past Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike source events, players if possible. Updating player pages with results sub pages (similar to Liquipedia) Creating a list of recent roster moves in the scene similar to the Liquipedia front page, as well as potentially announcing roster moves in newsposts (This relies on teams/players to contact us of course). We are also looking to create a ranking system for Irish teams (similar to the HLTV ranking system), potentially interviewing some old school players and more. Stay tuned!

How can I join the CS Codex team?

We are currently looking for a few volunteer moderators to join us. Responsibilities would include approving user edits, verifying data sources and accounts if necessary, creating new player/event pages and potentially more. It would be especially useful if you have your ear to the ground of the Irish scene. The amount of time required would be entirerly up to the volunteer in question (assuming they are not completely inactive...). Sadly we cannot offer anything more than experience at the moment. This is a passion project ultimately without any real discretionary funds at the moment. We hope enough people will be interested purely in helping us document the Irish scene for a project we hope will run for decades. If you are still interested, please fill out an application form.

I don't want my image up on this site. How can I take it down?

Although all player and event pictures were taken in a public environment, and we strive as much as possible to ask for permission when taking pictures, we appreciate that certain individuals may not want their image on this site. Please get in contact with us if this is the case as simply removing it (from a player page for example) will not delete the image which requires an adminitrator. Logos such as team logos are the property of their respective owners and again we will be happy to remove these images if you do not want it shown on this website. We can be reached by email at: admin@cscodex.com.

Can I use these images myself?

All images on this website are uploaded under a Creative Commons public licence and anyone is free to download them for usage.

Do you have a list of events you are planning to document?

We have prioritised documenting Counter-Strike events roughly in the following order:

  • Upcoming / Ongoing CS:GO LAN events
  • Upcoming / Ongoing CS:GO online events
  • Previous CS:GO LAN events
  • Previous CS:GO online events
  • Previous CSS LAN events
  • Previous CS 1.6 LAN events
  • Previous CSS online events
  • Previous CS 1.6 online events

Will you remove the VAC / other anti cheat ban on my player profile?

No. We will document any player who has a VAC ban in CS:GO or a ban from any other predominant anti cheat software. We believe that this is a matter of public record and will be shown regardless of the stature of the player.

My username differs from what I use in game.

We try to use the accurate in game names of users as much as possible. There are some exceptions and challenges:

  • Some players frequently change their steam name and determining the representitive username from platforms such as Steam / FaceIT / ESEA, etc. is not always easy.
  • Some player names contain non alphanumeric characters (4, *, %, ^, >, |, etc.) which does not complement searching in websites such as CSCodex. We have removed these characters to allow for better search functionality.
  • We will remove common phrases / tags appended or prepended to players names (PLAYER_IzNoGoud, [IWNL]PLAYER, etc.) which can be seen for many player names and only make searching for profiles more difficult.
  • We will remove the occasional offensive player names that are sometimes encountered and replace these usernames with an apprropriate alternative if one can be found (such as a previous username the player has used).

If there are any objections to a username we have applied to a player or tournament page, please get in touch with us via any of the contact methods. Alternatively feel free to make edits to these pages where appropriate. It is worth performing a website search for the username in question as it may appear in several pages and need to be updated in each page.

Will you ever update the website design?

Principally we believe in the principle that form follows function for the website design. That is to say that although we recognise that the nicest looking website is of course a goal to aspire to, we are not going to compromise the functionality of the website to achieve this. To that end, we will eventually look to update the design of the website (within the limitations of MediaWiki) however this does not have a high priority at the moment.

Wont another website fracture the web presence of the scene further?

We don't think so. This website was created to fill a niche we don't think any other websites in the Irish scene are filling. This website is not intended to be a forum like some of these other websites, rather a point of reference for information on the Irish scene.

Do you have any social media pages we can follow?

You can follow us on Twitter where we will mostly post website updates.We are still exploring other social media options.

Are you looking to attract sponsorship or seek to advertise on this website?

This may be considered in the future but is not a priority at the moment. In any case, please direct any business queries to admin@cscodex.com.

Will you open a donations page for funding this website?

Again, this may be considered in the future but is not a priority at the moment. Should be implement donations, all money recieved would be put towards the upkeep of this website.