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Please read our introductory article to get an idea behind the reasons behind creating this website and its function.


Getting around the website is straight forward enough and most pages can be found from the home page. This includes players, events, teams, interviews, features. These sections have been further categorised where relevant. For example we have divided players into CSGO, CSS & CS players. These tags can also be found on individual player and event profiles. The search function can be used for finding any page also, however this can be case sensitive.

Every event page will the qualifier of said event linked on the event page and vice versa. All events run by the same organiser will be linked at the top of their event pages.

Frequently asked questions & Feedback

Please read our FAQ page. Any further feedbacks can be given through the channels listed in our contact page.

Contributing to CS Codex

We welcome anyone interested in helping out. The first necessary step is to make an account. All registered accounts on this website can make edits to pages, for example creating or updating players pages with new information. However such edits need to be approved by administrators before they are published. From time to time we will be accepting new administrators also. Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming one.