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Welcome to CS Codex, Irelands Counter Strike Knowledgebase. The aim of this website is to completely document the history of competitive Counter Strike on the island of Ireland since its inception in 1999 until today. This includes events (online and offline), players, organisations as well as other influential parties in the space. We also aim to interview players at as much events as possible which we have been doing since the creation of the website in 2017, as well as general opinion pieces from time to time. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Until Now & Future Goals

The idea for this website first came about after seeing how far websites such as Liquipedia have grown in the last few years in documenting the history of events, many which I thought had been lost to history. Recognising the growth of Irish Counter-Strike since 2015 and the amount of events to have taken place, I felt it important that someone begin to document this. Additionally I built a small college project for a web design class related to Counter-Strike in late 2015 and the idea fermented in my head from that point. After exploring the process used in similar websites I felt that this was a long but viable project. The first development work began in roughly January 2016 and I really committed to it after registering the domain in April of that year. Since then it has been long but steady progress with many technical challenges overcome but mostly the long monotonous process of creating plyer and event pages. This also coincidded with me attending events and taking many pictures as well as conducting interviews. I wanted a site to exist where people would be able to read about these events years from now. That pretty much brings us up to today.

As mentioned above we hope in creating this site to become the definitive point of reference for Irish Counter-Strike. We have already completely documented every Counter-Strike: Global Offensive LAN event including online qualifiers to date. In the next few months we hope to begin the long and arduous process of documenting every online event for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as LAN and online events for previous versions of the game such as Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike. We have outlined our priorities for documenting events in our CS Codex FAQ page as well as other features we are considering for the future.

Patton, December 2017.


Getting around the website is straight forward enough and most pages can be found from the home page. This includes players, events, teams, interviews, features. These sections have been further categorised where relevant. For example we have divided players into CSGO, CSS & CS players. These tags can also be found on individual player and event profiles. The search function can be used for finding any page also.

Every event page will the qualifier of said event linked on the event page and vice versa. All events run by the same organiser will be linked at the top of their event pages.

Staff & Contact

If you wish to get in contact with us please use the following channels:

General email: admin@cscodex.com

Our staff is currently comprised of: