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We strive to do our best when taking player images at events but this is not always possible. Often these events are in environments not ideal for taking player pictures. For example often these events take place in dark rooms and it isn't ideal to take pictures with flash so as not to distract players. Events are also often in very busy rooms making it difficult to take clear pictures.

With this in mind, we still try to set ourselves to high and professional standards when using player pictures on their profile pages. Therefore we do not always have an image on a player profile for an event both parties attened if we feel it does not meet our standards. We will only use pictures which conform to our high standards which include:

  • The player must clearly be visible in the picture and should be the focus of the picture (this can be after cropping the original image).
  • The image must be of at least a reasonable resolution.
  • The player must not be blurry in the image (such as when they suddenly turn their head when the picture is taken).
  • The player should be in a somewhat professional pose (or rather not in an unprofessional pose at the time).
  • The player should at least have a shirt on for the picture to be accepted as a profile picture.
  • There must be enough light that the player can be seen properly.

Please have a look at the below images to see which images we will and won't accept

Images we won't use:

Images we will use:

We will also use the following conventions when uploading images we take at events:

  • The image should be cropped if necessary so that the player in question is the main focus of the image.
  • The format of the image should be as follows: PlayernameEventnameDirectionImageTakenFrom.Extension. For example: FrostbiteOneTapLan2017Front.JPG, StatikGamerCon2017Side.JPG or SkidzQCon23Back.JPG.
  • The image should not exceed 1500xXXXX or XXXXx1500 pixels or a filesize of 2MB without a good reason.

Sometimes players may want to update their own profile pictures with pictures they have taken themselves. We are happy to accept these provided they meet all of our standards mentioned above as well as additional standards not relevant to our own pictures:

  • The image should not be black and white.
  • The image should not contain watermarked logos for example team logos or playernames superimposed onto the image.