G-Series 9 Online Qualifier

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[e][h]G-Series 9 Qualifier
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G-Series is a local tournament based in Dublin, Ireland. It takes place 3 times per year (Spring, Summer, and Winter). The Winter tournament is generally considered the Championship, with increased prize pools and commonly an invitational format. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been present at G-Series since G5, in July 2015. Teams are decided on a first come, first served basis with seeding being done based on previous LAN performance.

The online qualifier for G-Series 9 took place prior to the event as the tournament capacity for the CS:GO event was 10 teams.

Prize Pool

LAN Spot for the top 3 teams in each group.

Place Prize Team
Gold.png1st Group A LAN Spot NerveGamingSmall.pngNerve Gaming
Gold.png1st Group B LAN Spot BlackMoralSmall.pngBlackMoral
Gold.png1st Group C LAN Spot BeirBuaSmall.pngBeir Bua
Silver.png2nd Group A LAN Spot FerreroRushBSmall.pngFerrero Rush B
Silver.png2nd Group B LAN Spot EntropiaGamingSmall.pngEntropia Gaming
Silver.png2nd Group C LAN Spot BeirBumSmall.pngBeir Bum
Bronze.png3rd Group A LAN Spot EntitySmall.pngEntity
Bronze.png3rd Group B LAN Spot SaltySmall.pngSalty.ie
Bronze.png3rd Group C LAN Spot NobodysSmall.pngNobodys
Copper.png4th Group A DNQ MaxbittSmall.pngMaxbitt
Copper.png4th Group B DNQ CrimsonVSmall.pngCrimson V
Copper.png4th Group C DNQ 2ndNatureSmall.png2ndNature


1Ireland neekz 
2Ireland eLe 
3Ireland conoR 
4Ireland Whindanski 
5Ireland Tummon 
Beir Bum
1Ireland Padge 
2Ireland nox 
3Ireland Fletcher 
4Ireland nLINE 
5Ireland Ballard 
Beir Bua
1Ireland Solo 
2Ireland Cnr 
3Ireland m1ke 
4Estonia iVaN0ff 
5Ireland ventake 
1Ireland Enigma 
2Ireland Lunar 
3Ireland Aslan 
4Ireland RJM 
5Ireland Mullo 
1Poland Digi 
2Poland ADHD 
3Poland Skun 
4Poland Metyl 
5Poland Kaneki 

Group Stage

Group A

Group A
September 24, 2016 - 17:00 IST
1. Nerve Gaming 3-0 9p
2. Ferrero Rush B 2-1 6p
3. Entropia Gaming 1-2 3p
4. Entity 0-3 0p

Group B

Group B
September 24, 2016 - 17:00 IST
1. BlackMoral 3-0 9p
2. Entropia Gaming 2-1 6p
3. Salty.ie 1-2 3p
4. Crimson V 0-3 0p

Group C

Group C
September 24, 2016 - 17:00 IST
1. Beir Bua 2-0 6p
2. Beir Bum 2-0 6p
3. Nobodys 1-2 3p
4. 2ndNature 0-3 0p

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