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GamerCon 2017: Dmitriy “Dmi3” Dranko Interview

This interview was audio recorded on the morning of the 19th of March prior to the tournament kicking off.

Would you like to introduce yourself, your teammates?

My name is Dmitriy 'Dmi3' Dranko and I'm the captain of Excillium Gaming.

And the rest of your teammates.

We have Oisin, Herman, Jay and Jack.

What are your roles on the team.

Personally I am the awper, Jay is the IGL and he's been IGL for about a year now. Minty is the newest addition to the team in January, he's the entry ragger, Jack is a support role so he goes out with Oisin and helps him out, and then Herman is the lurker.

You earlier mentioned it was your first event. Have you guys as a unit been playing for long? Is this the first version of CS you played?

Me, Jay and Herman actually met like a year ago, and we played a bit on a match making team so it was a bit chill and then we stopped. I met them again in December and since December we've been playing in our core lineup. We picked up Jack in January and our roster has been the same since then.

You have just finished up. How did you find the event, the event at large, the pc's, etc.?

The building itself is really good but the organisation of it and the management from the actual organisers of GamerCon was ridiculous. The admins could only do so much but in the morning one of the engineers disconnected one of the wires or something. It was just a problem all day. Our game was supposed to start at 10:00am. The doors only opened at 10:30, we set up at 11:00 and we were kicked up our pcs, they were saying another game has to start. We were told to come back at 12:00, we came back at 12:00 and they told us to play at 16:00 so then we started at 16:00 and there was tech. problems throughout the entire game and our options were either to forfeit or play with technical problems, so we just lost with technical problems.

Dmi3 wasn't happy with the organisation at GamerCon
Dmi3 wasn't happy with the organisation at GamerCon

I've been hearing a lot like that. With all that having been said, would you come back to another one?

To a LAN, definitely, the players and the atmosphere is perfect. Whether I'd come back next year to GamerCon, it depends on how they do in London, Madrid and all the other places they plan on hosting events.

Have you been preparing for any teams in particular coming into this event?

We actually planned originally for the first team we were due to play, I don't know how the brackets were going to work, what teams we were to play. We were boot camping for the past 3 days at a hotel, watching demos.

I heard that you had some problems with that.

At the boot camp when we got the PC's, my hard drive was corrupt. We had to go to a shop, buy a new hard drive, get everything working so we couldn't actually scrim that much. We wanted to scrim our scrim partners in Finland. All we did was watch demos, particularly Entropia, DEG and Moral. Those were the teams we were worried about. The other teams were mixes, so we just wanted to play against them, but because we lost our first match we didn't expect any of these teams and we were unprepared.

Will we see the next 5 man lineup at the next event?

Definitely, we agreed to ourselves no matter what happens we are going to stay together. We're a good team, we've all met each other in real life multiple times. We're just a good mix.

Which team do you think is going to win at the end of the day?

I don’t know, I would say Nobodies as they usually win every LAN but after seeing the show match it's a bit iffy. I'd probably say Hexui would win 1 map if they got into the finals but they'd lose 2-1.

They're fighting from the lower bracket already.

Yea, they would have to win the lower bracket. I'm gonna actually say DEG. For some reason they are looking really strong this LAN even though. I think they're gonna win this LAN.

Any player you think is worth highlighting from the event so far.

I wouldn't say a specific player, I'd probably say altogether Online Instinct. Nobody has ever actually heard of them or seen them play, they all came, they're really energetic, they're screaming, they're doing well. When they lose they don't rage.

I saw them fist bumping even when they lose rounds.

It looks like they're acting like they're a pro team, if you watch a camera zoom in onto a Virtus Pro or someone like that they're doing the exact same thing. It looks like they might have LAN experience in a different country, but I've never heard of them in an Irish LAN.

Any shoutouts or anything you want to say at the end?

Shoutout to Calvin Hynes, he was recently dropped, not due to problems in skill or anything but due to time commitments. He's doing his Leaving Certificate. He played really well at this LAN with his team.

Dmi3’s Twitter is @Dmi3CS. He is now playing with his team under Fox Gaming.

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