DediFire Irish League Season 1

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[e][h]DediFire Irish League Season 1
League Information
Game Version:
Ireland Ireland
Prize pool:
€ 150 EUR
(≃ $157 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Gold.png NerveGamingSmall.png
Silver.png CrimsonVSmall.png
Bronze.png DeadElementGamingSmall.png
Copper.png MoralAllianceSmall.png
Number of Teams:


The DediFire Irish League was an online Irish league hosted by DediFire. This league was created to complement Eire Online 3 originally planned to take place at a similar time. The top 4 teams qualified to the DediFire Irish League Season 1 Finals.


Expand to see the full list of rules for this event:

  • League System.
  • All team require at minimum 3 Irish Players.
  • Each team plays eachother in a Bo2 once (OT Enabled).
  • All players must record a POV. (use Record "demoname" in console). These demos must be given to an admin on request. If a player refuses to hand over a demo or forgot to record the map is handed over to the opposite team. If the demo is missing more than 6 rounds in total then it will count as a demo not shown. Demos must be requested at maximum 3 days after the match, any demo requests after 3 days will be ignored. In the case of someone being caught cheating through the demo review system then All previous matches that involved this player will be removed without review of a demo from them and the team will be disqualified giving any future matches a DEF Win and any past matches a DEF win.
  • If a team is more than 10 minutes late its an instant loss for the late team. You may be excused if you have reasoned with an Admin before the match was due to start.
  • If a match is rendered incomplete due to the purposeful Demolition ,refusal to get a standin, No time to finish it or not finishing the map then both maps will go to the team who did not do any of the above
  • Vetos:
    • Must be done 15 minutes before the match by the captains at minimum and maps be reported back to Admins.

Format is Ban/Ban/Ban/Ban/Pick/Pick

  • If its not allowed in ESL ( ) then its most likely not allowed here either unless otherwise stated in the rules below. If you have questions about a rule Message me.
  • Standins and Rosters:
    • A maximum of 2 stand ins are allowed per Bo2. You may only use 2 Standin players over the course of 2 maps vs a team e.g If 1 team brings in Stan and Kim for Map 1 then they must use either Stan and Kim for map 2 or use their 2 registered players who are already a part of the roster. Trials may be already in the league in another team but can only trial on 1 team and may not play on another team during this perioud including the team they are registered with. All standins must be submitted to Admins atleast 30 minutes before the match and Rosters must be confirmed 24 hours prior to matches so we can update spreadsheets. Standins may not already be registered for a different team in the tournament but are allowed to be from any country as long as the team stays majority Irish while using them, meaning with standins you still must have 3 Irish players.
  • If teams need to use a Trial player as they dont have a complete roster they may continue with that Trial and 2 Standins under Admin permission
  • Shit talking is permitted , Racism may not be tolerated at a serious level but teams may run their mouths ingame.
  • Matches can be delayed by a maximum of 36 Hours unless special circumstances occur like you are taking part in another competition, otherwise a standin will have to be used. Your captain must contact an administrator 20 Hours before you match is scheduled to start to change the schedule or it will be a Default win and count as a no-show for you. 5 No-Shows to matches will DQ you from the league without refund.
  • Pause Rules: (Tactical Pause Rules Only)
    • (3x5minute Tech pauses allowed per game and at most 3 per half.)
    • 4x 30second Pauses
    • or 2x 1Minute Pauses
    • or 1x 2Minute pause
    • Max of 2 Pauses per half!
    • (Using more than the allowed time in a pause is punishable by 1 round score taken away from your total at the end of the league, you may however pause longer with the other teams consent.)
  • Breaks after Matches:
    • There is maximum 15 minutes of break between maps. Get something to eat , go toilet and get back ASAP ;)
  • Any missed info may be found here:
  • Command Abuse:
    • Abusing ingame commands such as .stop, .pause and .restart (or their "/" and "!" equivalents) will result in an instant map loss for your team
  • Rules can be changed anytime by admins without question.

Prize Pool

€150 divided between the top two teams.

Place $ USD € EUR Finals Spot Team
Gold.png1st $104 €100 Finals Spot NerveGamingSmall.pngNerve Gaming
Silver.png2nd $52 €50 Finals Spot CrimsonVSmall.pngCrimson V
Bronze.png3rd - - Finals Spot DeadElementGamingSmall.pngDead Element Gaming
Copper.png4th - - Finals Spot MoralAllianceSmall.pngMoral Alliance
5th - - - DediFireSmall.pngDediFire
6th - - -
7th - - - BeastModeESportsSmall.pngBeast Mode E-Sports
8th - - - URMASmall.pngURMA
9th - - - FrontlineSmall.pngFrontline
10th - - - NFernoSmall.pngnFerno
11th - - - SilverbackGamingSmall.pngSilverback Gaming
12th - - - SmokeMDSmall.pngSmokeMD
13th - - - ExileGamingSmall.pngExile Gaming
14th - - - EmnitySmall.pngEmnity.cs
15th - - - BeirBuaSmall.pngBeir Bua
16th - - - Elegan7Small.pngElegan7

Converted USD prizes are based on the currency exchange rate ( on 22/12/16.


Crimson V
1Ireland cooLeR 
2Ireland Jester 
3Ireland Eoin 
4Latvia lainNy 
5Russia Zippo 
6Ireland Tobin 
Beir Bua
1Ireland Solo 
2Ireland Cnr 
3Ireland ventake 
4Ireland m1ke 
5Estonia iVaN0ff 
Nerve Gaming
1Ireland SkidZ 
2Ireland Smooney 
3Ireland doof 
4Ireland napje 
5Poland kas 
1Ireland Statik 
2Ireland soney 
3Ireland caM 
4Ireland MinTy 
5United Kingdom Gravity 
1Ireland Apollo 
2Ireland Bosswalk 
3Ireland Curly 
4Ireland Ciaran 
5Ireland Baby 
1Ireland Toola 
2Ireland JJK 
3Ireland Conor 
4Ireland Sharpiimov 
5Ireland Stoney 
1Ireland Calvoo 
2Ireland Vive 
3Ireland crabs 
4Ireland Maximilian 
5Ireland Trek 

* The lineups for Moral Alliance were different for DediFire Irish League Season 1 and DediFire Irish League Season 1 Finals.[1]

League Stage


1. Nerve Gaming 14-1-0 473-117 356 43p
2. Crimson V 13-1-1 464-142 322 40p
3. Dead Element Gaming 12-3-0 451-139 312 39p
4. Moral Alliance 11-1-3 422-195 227 34p
5. DediFire 9-1-5 320-247 73 28p
6. 8-3-4 369-264 105 27p
7. Beast Mode E-Sports 7-3-5 337-302 35 24p
8. URMA 7-3-5 373-279 94 24p
9. Frontline 6-2-7 312-266 46 20p
10. nFerno 5-5-5 356-291 65 20p
11. Silverback Gaming 5-3-7 311-297 14 18p
12. SmokeMD 4-0-11 220-352 -132 12p
13. Exile Gaming 0-3-12 111-457 -346 3p
14. Emnity.cs 0-3-12 106-435 -329 3p
15. Beir Bua 0-3-12 48-432 -384 3p
16. Elegan7 0-3-12 60-432 -372 3p

* The count of rounds won and lost is not entirerly accurate. Some assumptions have been made. As all games are in a BO2 format, if the round score is not specified, we assume a 32-0 round score where only W-L is specified. We assume 16-16 where D-D is specified. Additionally, some games have no score indicated. It is likely that these games were not played as the teams for the Finals stage were already determined.[2]

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